Why Wrestle?

Wrestling is a unique sport that anybody can compete in, regardless of how tall or short, thick or thin, fast or slow you are. It is one of the best sports to enhance your overall fitness level since it emphasizes the development of strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility. Wrestling helps develop many qualities that help you succeed in life, including self confidence, independence, and discipline. The following is a short list of former wrestlers who have used many of the skills they learned through wrestling to become Champions in life:
  • Former U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Calvin Coolidge
  • Authors John Irving and Tom Sullivan
  • Actors Michael J. Fox, Jay Leno, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, and Kirk Douglas
  • U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Jim Scherr
  • Numerous Pro Football Players

Influence of Wrestling in the NFL (as of September 2012)

  • 10 Hall of Famers / 43 Multiple Pro-Bowlers
  • 13 NCAA Wrestling Championships / 60 Individual State Championships
  •  3 Heisman Trophy Winners / 14 First Round Draft Picks
  • 23 RB’s / 20 LB’s / 2 QB’s / 66 Linemen / 6 DB’s / 1 K / 54 non-position
  • Over 11% of the NFL has a wrestling background

Why Wrestle?

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